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is             oysters in the loch

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  • Monthly or one off donations will result in actual community led marine habitat restoration

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Be a PARTNER of Seawilding

  • Cooperate sponsorship

  • or Partner us in projects

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  • This may also be a way of offsetting unavoidable carbon emission as we are currently calculating what carbon sequesting both oysters and seagrass result in.

Thanks for joining our journey!

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The project is growing and YOU too can get involved.  Our projects are community-led and for the benefit of the local marine habitat and local communities.

If you'd like to become a volunteer there are often opportunities, please get in touch.  During the summer months volunteers help us distribute native oysters onto the sea bed and harvest and plant seagrass.  We will put you on a volunteer list and get in touch in due course.


Every projects costs and we welcome donations.  Every £ you donate goes to our projects to restore inshore marine habitats. So, for example, £20 pays for 200 juvenile native oysters to be restored to the seabed and £50 for 1,000. As they grow, they filter and clean the water, and create oyster reefs that become fish spawning and nursery grounds. By year 2, they will be releasing spat – oyster larvae – into the water column, thereby boosting our restoration efforts.

Meanwhile, £20 pays for us to restore a m2 of seagrass.


Over the forthcoming years we plan to restore many hectares to Loch Craignish. The meadows will sequester carbon and provide vital habitat for spawning fish and marine life. In this way, your donation restores bio-diversity and sequesters carbon. 

If you would like to become a Seawilding donor to help clean up the Loch and improve bio-diversity, PLEASE, get in touch.

Very many thanks!

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