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We have some exciting events planned this year, designed to enable you to learn, enjoy and get involved in some of what Seawilding does. 

Location: Loch Craignish

Activity: Learn about the sea and all its wonders and what we, Seawilding, are doing, along with others, to help.

Who can attend: Anyone

Date: August 5 - 6. 2023

Wild Seas Weekend

Location: Loch Craignish

Activity: Seagrass seed harvesting

Who can attend: Over 18s with good snorkelling skills

Date: August 19, 2023

Seagrass Harvesting

Location: Seawilding Boat House

Activity: Helping to process seagrass seed and filling hessian bags with sand ready for planting

Who can attend: Anyone, children must be


Dates: October 14, 2023

Seagrass Seed Processing 

Location: Ardfern village

Activity: Join our monthly talks and presentations.

Commitment: As much as you want.

Experience: Non

Wet feet, wet heed or nae need: Nae need.

Climate Conversations

National events you can get involved with


The Great
Seagrass Survey

Location: Nationwide and 

Loch Craignish

Activity: Finding and mapping 

new seagrass beds

Who can attend: Anyone

Date: 27th-29th May 2023

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