Seawilding Native Oyster and Biodiversity Surveying Training Program

The Seawilding team would love to share their survey skills with your community. In conjunction with Ocean Interface we have developed a series of training courses to help communities to start their own marine habitat restoration projects.We can offer Native Oyster monitoring and Biodiversity surveying training for your group, teach them the same methods that Seawilding use for monitoring enabling continuity of data collection across Scotland’s marine restoration projects. They are run as two one-day modules, either individually or over a weekend (recommended), organised around low water tides. Each module is run with two trainers and can accommodate up to 12 trainees. Trainees will learn fieldwork survey skills, species identification, monitoring for protected and invasive species, and more. If you ask nicely Eric might share some of his favourite seaweed foraging tips as well.

Monitoring equipment will be loaned by Seawilding for training courses, for ongoing surveying the equipment will need to be sourced with an approximate cost of £500. Equipment includes:

Salinity meter, Temperature sensor, Dissolved Oxygen meter, Turbidity tube, Nitrate meter, Phosphate meter, Biodiversity ID books, GPS & Camera (could be smart phone), Clipboards, Quadrats, Trays, Scales, Rulers/verniers, First aid kit/safety equipment.


Other things to consider:

  • Training facility to be arranged by host or done via video conferencing.

  • Site selection including risk assessment, access and parking to be arranged by host

  • Promotion and attendance to be organised by host

  • Data management and what to do with completed survey forms: Seawilding can assist in data management, including, training, analysis, presentation & reports, and sharing with national databases, as part of a separate agreement

So far in 2021 we have trained  over 60 community volunteers in different parts of Scotland.  If you’d like to join one of our courses or you would like us to visit your coastal community, get in touch.