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Survey Equipment

To conduct a seagrass mapping survey you will need the following survey equipment:

  • GPS device - You will need to record your GPS location as you swim around the perimeter of the survey site. If you are snorkelling at the surface, you can use a GPS enabled waterproof watch attached to the back of your mask strap. If you are deeper or are using a different GPS device you can tow it at the surface inside a dry bag or SMB

  • SMB - see above

  • Camera - to provide proof of the habitat that you are recording

  • Writing slate and pencil - to make any notes about what you see

  • Ruler or tape measure - to measure blade length

  • Watch / dive computer - If you are snorkelling a standard waterproof watch, rated to the depth you will be diving is adequate for recording the time of day and duration of your survey. If you are scuba diving, you should be able to find this information, along with depth of dive on your dive computer

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