Sponsor an Oyster Hoister

We have designed and developed the Oyster Hoister to hang under the Ardfern Yacht Centre marina pontoons.  Each suspended Oyster Hoister houses up to 100 juvenile native oysters and because a mature oyster filters up to 200 litres a day, they clean the marina water as well as releasing spat.


By sponsoring an Oyster Hoister you become an active stakeholder in our community project helping to further our aims. Each Hoister carries the name of the sponsor, and soon, we will have an information board at the Yacht Centre so that sponsors can learn about the progress of the project. An Oyster Hoister costs £130 in the first year and an annual service charge of £60 thereafter. Your sponsorship pays for ongoing monitoring and maintenance of the equipment. So, if you don’t have a holding tank, and would like to help clean up the Loch and improve bio-diversity, PLEASE, get in touch.



Our projects are community-led and for the benefit of the local marine habitat

and the local community.

Oyster Releases

We rely on volunteers to help us broadcast tens of thousands of juvenile oysters into

Loch Craignish.

Training Days

We have developed weekend training courses for volunteers to learn about marine bio-diversity surveying and oyster monitoring. The courses are designed to gather data to inform us about the impacts of our project.

An Oyster Festival

to celebrate our work and the wonderful world of native oysters.


Our project is generating

a mass of fascinating data, and when Covid restrictions allow, we plan a series of talks about the project and marine conservation.

The project is growing and YOU too can get involved.

Please get in touch!

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The Great Eggcase Hunt

CROMACH and Seawilding are investigating expanding the flapper skate MPA into Loch Craignish. Numerous flapper skate egg cases have been found in the loch and we are continuing work on the project to prove the skate regularly use the loch.

If you wish to help with this please get in touch. If you find an egg case in  or around Loch Craignish please log it here.