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Volunteering 2024

We need your help! We are expanding on our ambitions for native oyster and seagrass restoration in Loch Craignish in 2024, and volunteers are key to this.


Below are our volunteering opportunities:

Wild Seas survey infographic_edited.jpg

Location: Loch Craignish

Activity: Help us survey oyster release sites. 

Experience: We will provide all necessary training.

Wet feet, wet heed or nae need: Wet feet, wellies needed.

Date: 10th of March 2024

Oyster Survey Day

Location: Loch Craignish

Activity: Collecting seagrass seed for harvesting.

Experience: A bit of snorkelling experience would be good

Wet feet, wet heed or nae need: Wet head - all equipment provided

Date: Multiple dates in 

August 2024

Seagrass Seed 

Location: Loch Craignish

Activity: Seawildlings is our local youth group which meets several times a year for fun and engaging activities related to the marine environment.


Location: Ardfern village

Activity: Join our monthly talks and presentations.

Commitment: As much as you want.

Experience: None.

Wet feet, wet heed or nae need: Nae need.

Climate Conversations

Location: Loch Craignish

Activity:  Process seagrass plants ready for planting - WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Experience: No experience required as all training given on the day

Wet feet, wet heed or nae need: nae need - all on dry land easy access and toilet on site

Date: Multiple dates

Seagrass Processing 

Location: UK-wide

Activity: Finding and logging new seagrass beds which provides vital information for national seagrass restoration.

Date: Anytime you can

Great Seagrass Survey

Location: Loch Craignish

Activity: Help us process seagrass, clean and monitor oysters, conduct underwater science and much more.

Experience: A student with at least some snorkeling experience
Applications now full for 2024


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