There are a few ways you can volunteer and get involved with hands-on restoration, most of which happen in the summer months. Some activities are open to experienced snorkelers and divers, while some don’t involve getting wet at all. Most activities are open to children provided they are supervised by an accompanying adult.

Below is a list of volunteering events with Seawilding at Loch Craignish in 2022.  We encourage all our volunteers to become more actively involved by getting trained. See training section

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Community Open Day

Dates: August 13th/14th,  2022

Location: Loch Craignish Boathouse

Ages: All ages, under 16s must be accompanied by adult

Participants: Anyone interested in learning about native oyster and seagrass restoration in Loch Craignish.  Bring your wetsuits and swimming gear, visit the seagrass at your own risk.

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Seagrass harvesting

Dates: August 13th/14th,  2022

Location: Loch Craignish - Boathouse

Max number of people: 6 in a group

Ages: 18+

Participants Individuals who want to learn how to harvest seagrass by snorkel. 

Experience required: Volunteers must be competent at swimming and be able to snorkel in cold waters and duck dive using a weight belt. 

Description of activity: Following a briefing on safety and seed harvesting techniques in the boathouse, volunteer groups will change into wetsuits, masks and snorkels and head out to the seagrass bed in Dun Mhuilig Bay to collect seagrass seeds. The harvesting will take place under the supervision of qualified Seawilding staff. You can expect to be in the water for around 1hr, before returning to the boathouse to warm up with a cup of tea. The harvesting happens at low tide, so it's important that you turn up on time.


Seagrass seed processing

Dates: August 13th/14th,  2022 + Ad hoc throughout September/October

Location: Loch Craignish - Boathouse

Max number of people: 12

Ages: All ages - under 16's must be accompanied by adult

Description: Assist in seagrass restoration by preparing the hessian bags to receive seeds for planting. Volunteers typically spend around an hour filling hessian bags with sand and seed. There's always a lot of chat, cake and tea!


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