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We have volunteering opportunities for people who live in the area (a maximum of 40 mins. drive from Loch Craignish). We need you to be local because our activities are weather and tide dependant and timings change at short notice.

We also have volunteering opportunities for people living further afield - please look further down this page and check our events.

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Local Volunteering Opportunities

Location: Loch Craignish

Activity: Help us survey oyster release sites and adopt a site yourself. 

Commitment: A minimum of  3 days a year.

Experience: We will provide survey training.

Wet feet, wet heed or nae need: Wet feet.

Oyster Overseer

Location: Ardfern village

Activity: Join our monthly talks and presentations.

Commitment: As much as you want.

Experience: Non

Wet feet, wet heed or nae need: Nae need.

Climate Conversations

Location: Loch Craignish

Activity:  Help us set up baited remote underwater video traps to record marine wildlife (BRUVs).

Commitment: Min. 6 days throughout the year.

Experience: Training provided

Wet feet, wet heed or nae need: Wet feet

Band of BRUV'ers

Location: Loch Craignish

Activity: Seawildlings - our local youth group which meets 6 times a year for fun and engaging activities related to the marine environment.


Volunteering opportunities for local community and beyond

The Great Seagrass Survey


Location: Nationwide and 

Loch Craignish

Activity: Finding and mapping 

new seagrass beds

Who can attend: Anyone

Date: 27th-29th May 2023

Location: This is an online course in partnership with the British Sub-Aqua Club

Activity: Learn how to survey the shore line for native oysters and seagrass

Who: Anyone, any age

Date: Anytime

Shore Surveyor

Location: Anywhere

Activity: If you enjoy stand- up paddle boarding why not get involved with some citizen science and "paddle with a purpose." 

Who can attend: Anyone

SUP for Science

Location: Seawilding Boat House

Activity: Helping to process seagrass seed and filling hessian bags with sand ready for planting

Who can attend: Anyone, children must be accompanied

Dates: October 14, 2023

Seagrass Seed Processing 

Location: Loch Craignish

Activity: Seagrass seed harvesting

Who can attend: Over 18s with good snorkelling skills

Date: August 19, 2023

Seagrass Harvesting

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