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Seagrass Harvesting

We have a wonderful opportunity for volunteers to help us harvest seagrass seed. 

Must I live locally? 

You can, but you don't have to, this is open to everyone. It will be located at our Seawilding HQ on the banks of Loch Craignish


We need to harvest atleast 200,000 seeds and we need all the help we can get, plus it is a chance for you to come along and see why seagrass is so amazing.

What do you need to know?

Experience in snorkelling is a must for this. The Seawilding team are qualified snorkelling guides but harvesting is a little tricky, so it's best if you've done snorkelling before.

What do I need to do?

Snorkelling, identify seagrass with seed and carefully harvest. Full training on the day will be given by Seawilding. 


19th August 2023

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