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It costs £20 to plant a m2 of seagrass

Seagrass (Zostera marina) is the ocean’s only flowering plant and provides a vital habitat for marine biodiversity as well as being an important carbon sink.  Our surveys have shown that despite seagrass meadows making up 0.4% of the area of Loch Craignish, they host an incredible 68% of the biodiversity. In the fight against climate change, restoring seagrass is now a top priority.


In the last two years, Seawilding has planted approx. 1/3 hectare of seagrass and we are hopeful that in coming years, we will be able to expand on that delivery target exponentially not just in Loch Craignish where we have identified 80 hectares of potential seagrass restoration but also in other areas around Scotland. Our seagrass project trials different methodologies to research seagrass restoration at scale.  We share our learnings with other coastal community groups so that they can do the same. 

Our project is community-led - we are engaging and empowering locals in the battle for better, more sustainable management of inshore marine habitats. Your contribution makes this all possible.


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