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Instructional Videos

We have created a set of instructional videos to help with the seagrass restoration process. Included with the videos are guidance notes. The videos are divided into chapters to make it easier to reference specific information that may be required. We are constantly learning about how to do seagrass restoration ourselves and as we learn new techniques we aim to make new videos and add them in here.

Seagrass meadow site survey & transects

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How to find seagrass in your local area and establish if there is a restoration opportunity, and how to survey and collect and record robust scientific data.

Video guidance notes:

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Rhizome transplants

A first look at a brand new technique we are trailing here in Loch Craignish.

We hope to have the results of the trial in by spring 2024.

This trial was undertaken with guidance and permission from Naturescot.

Seagrass Nursery 01

We trialed an onshore seagrass nursery to help with different tests on germination and to see how cost effective growing seagrass from seed in tanks would be.

This video includes the assembly of the nursery and an explanation of how we use it.

Seagrass Nursery 02

We trialed an onshore seagrass nursery to help with different tests on germination and to see how cost effective growing seagrass from seed in tanks would be.

This video includes the planting out process.

Identifying flowering seagrass & harvesting seagrass seed

How to identify flowering stems and mature seeds, and how to harvest them.

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Video guidance notes:

Storing & processing seagrass seed

How to collect and process seeds once they have been released from the flowering stems, and how to care for them until you are ready to plant

Video guidance notes:

Screenshot (17).png

Bagging & planting seeds

How to bag and plant the seeds, including restoration area site selection 

Screenshot (18).png

Video guidance notes:

Shore Surveyor Course

A joint course with BSAC to give you the skills needed to find evidence of seagrass and native oysters, possibly uncovering more seawilding opportunities

Shore Surveyor Course 

on BSAC website

Licensing & permissions

coming soon

All about the permissions and licences required from NatureScot and Marine Scotland before you can begin your restoration journey.

Native oyster restoration how-to videos coming soon

We are currently creating a native oyster restoration how-to guide, please keep an eye on our social media channels for news on when they will be available. You can also sign up to our newsletter here

Further Information 



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Restore seagrass:
How-to instructional videos

Seagrass resotration handbook:

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