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Dr Scott explores marine life in Scotland _ This Morning - Google Chrome 01_02_2023 13_18_

Seawilding takes centre stage on episode 2 of this excellent new podcast series: The Rewild Podcast

The Scotsman, 20th November 2023 "I think Nature is very good at recovery"


BBC Future, 26th July 2023 Seawilding: the Scottish community reviving a loch 


ITV This Morning Show30th January 2022 Dr Scott explores rewilding in Scotland, starting with Seawilding

The Guardian5th November 2021 "The problem with blue carbon: can seagrass be replanted…by hand?"


The Financial Times, 4th September 2021 : "Coastal rewilding: restoring Scotland’s seagrass meadows"


Oceonographic Magazine: "Rewilding Scotland"

The Herald, 20th June 2021:  "The locals cleaning up their sea loch to bring wildlife back"

British Diver, 23rd September 2022:  "BSAC Shore Surveyor course for children"

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