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Other Projects

Lochaline Native Oyster Restoration

Seawilding has partnered with CAOLAS (Community Association of Lochs and Sounds) in Lochaline, Morvern to develop a community-led native oyster restoration project at the Lochaline Harbour. The Project will see 20,000 native oysters being grown in baskets attached to the pontoons before subsequent release on pre-surveyed sites at Lochaline. The project is being funded by the Highlands and Islands Environment Foundation and by Flora and Fauna International Community Support Fund.


Kilchoan Native Oyster Restoration

Seawilding has been working with the Kilchoan Estate to create a native oyster restoration project at the head of Loch Melfort. The Estate is a cultural and educational enterprise focused on ecological restoration, rewilding, and preservation of both the marine and terrestrial habitats for the benefit of the people of Argyll. The Estate has introduced 12,000 hatchery-raised native oysters to cages suspended from the Estate pontoon in March 2020. The plan is to release them onto pre-surveyed sites along the shoreline when they reach the required size. Kilchoan aims to introduce 24,000 annually in the hope of creating a resilient, self-sustaining population.

We are keen to help and advise any other coastal community with similar marine habitat restoration projects in mind.

Please get in touch!

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