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Our community-led Seagrass restoration has started!

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

This weekend our community-led Seagrass restoration got well underway. Snorkelers, divers and volunteers worked together to collect seagrass seeds which were then transferred to our processing unit for the next stage in the replanting process. We collected nearly 60,000 seeds! This far exceeding our expectations. Originally, our target was 100,000 seeds, but now we are hoping for many more.

Big thanks to divers from SAMS and all our community volunteers; to wonder-plant seagrass and it’s carbon sequeetration and biodiversity enhancement superpowers, Project Seagrass, Nature Scot and our visionary community.

Cal Major who’s just paddle-boarded around Scotland came along to help.

Here’s the seed in our processor at Loch Craignish. Once the biomass is broken down, we’ll extract the seed, and plant it out on the seabed in small hessian bags that will give it purchase on the seabed. Aiming to create a ¼ hectare meadow. We're on target!

Our divers on day 2 of our seagrass seed harvest

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