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Seawilding Wins at RSPB Nature of Scotland Awards

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Seawilding was honoured to have won the Coast and Waters category at the RSPB Nature of Scotland Awards 2022, and proud to be part of the Generation Restoration team supporting the scaling up of seagrass restoration who won the Innovation Award.

Seawilding is community based and works to restore fragmented seagrass meadows in Loch Craignish and along the west coast of Scotland. Seagrass meadows are biodiversity hotspots and an important carbon sink. Additionally, Seawilding is restoring 1 million native oysters to the Loch over a 5-year period. These once-abundant eco-system engineers filter & clean water, and provide breeding and nursery grounds for fish – making their restoration key to a healthy ecosystem. Seawilding is also developing best-practice, low-cost methodologies and training programmes to help other coastal communities do the same. These community projects involving scores of volunteers lead to empowerment, inclusion and advocacy for better, sustainable management of inshore marine habitats.

Co-sponsored by NatureScot, the awards took place at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC) on November 17 and were hosted by wildlife presenter Iolo Williams and radio and tv presenter Arlene Stuart. The ceremony recognised the individuals and organisations making a difference in their local communities, businesses and schools to support Scotland’s wildlife and special places for nature

A big thank you to RSPB for a fantastic event!

For a full list of winners go to:

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