Seawilding is a Scottish Charity actively working to restore degraded inshore marine habitats. Our primary project, funded by the National Lottery, is to restore the native oyster beds once widespread at Loch Craignish, Argyll. By doing this, we will improve water quality and enhance biodiversity and address the degradation of the loch caused by scallop dredging, fish farm activity and anchoring and effluent from recreational boating. This is an exciting, pioneering community-led project involving many volunteers, school pupils, the Ardfern Yacht Centre, and academic institutions.

LATEST NEWS: Our first 60,000 native oysters are now on the seabed, and we have another 100,000

overwintering in the floating nursery.

We are keen to help and advise any other coastal community with similar marine habitat restoration projects in mind.

Please get in touch!

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