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Great Seagrass 

Help us survey seagrass this summer!

It not only produces the oxygen that we breathe, it protects our coasts, stores carbon and provides a home for a wealth of biodiversity. We love it! But despite being so amazing, seagrass is under threat.

It is time for scientists and policy makers to take action to help protect it but there is a problem. Protecting seagrass is hard because so little is known about it. It is a crazy fact but we don’t even know where most of the seagrass in the UK is! This is where we need your help. Seawilding has partnered with BSAC (British Sub Aqua Club) and Project Seagrass to encourage as many people as possible to get seagrass surveying.

Must I live locally? 

No and Yes, we have local events which will be announced on our social media channels or you can do something local to you as it is a national event.

What can I do?

If you live on the coast or are going to be on a beach this year, we are asking you to get on, in or by the sea and help us survey seagrass for the Great Seagrass Survey 2023

Full details of how to recognise seagrass, undertake the surveys, submit your data and importantly how to stay safe are here.


Spread the word and help us discover where the hidden seagrass is! And keep a look out on our socials where we will be sharing more news and updates.

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